Don R. Grande, PC represents clients around the country on legal matters from simple to complex.  We generally form long-term relationships with our clients by assisting them with ongoing issues as they arise, but we also provide one-time legal services based on a specific issue.

It can be difficult finding an attorney with the time, experience and resources to meet your needs, but effective legal counsel can you save money and aggravation.

We offer a variety of fee options to fit your situation.  Your fee arrangement with us will be based on your needs and goals and will be agreed to in writing at the outset of our relationship.   Here are some examples:

Hourly Fee – This is the most common fee arrangement for many legal issues.  You pay by the hour for legal services that we provide.  Our rates are:

Attorneys – $250/hr

Legal Assistants – $75/hr

Flat Monthly Fee – If you need an attorney on a fairly consistent basis from month to month a Monthly Flat Fee can work very well for you.  You avoid the expense of adding a full-time attorney to your staff, but you have the peace of mind that legal advice is available when you need it.  You benefit because this arrangement helps you budget with a set monthly expense and we are able to discount our fees because it helps our budget too.

We get to know our long-term clients and how their business works.  This can save time and money in the long run because we can often handle legal quickly without the need to “get up to speed”.  After all, you are after results right?  Budgeting your legal expenses is just a bonus.

Monthly Flat Fees start at $1,000/mo. but are tailored for you based on your needs and expectations.    If you face legal issues on a fairly consistent basis, we should talk about how a Flat Monthly Fee can work for you.

Contingent Fees – Certain legal issues, such as accidents/injury and debt collection can be performed for a contingent fee.  This benefits you because you do not pay anything unless we are successful.  Contingent fees range from 25% to 36% of the amount we recover for you and your specific contingent fee % is based on your situation.

Flat Fees –  A flat fee document might be the answer for you.

If you are having trouble finding an attorney to prepare a legal document Don R. Grande, PC can prepare customized legal documents for you or your company at an affordable flat fee.

Below is a list of tasks we can perform for a flat fee:

Starting a corporation or limited liability company – $500 + filing fee

Filing Articles, standard organizational documents to Include Bylaws or Operating Agreement and Organizational Meeting Minutes.


Construction Liens – $600

Consultation with Attorney to discuss law and issues

Research property details

Draft and file Lien, Notice

Recording Fees

Oil Well Liens – $750

Consultation with Attorney to discuss law and issues

Research property details

Draft and file Lien, Notice

Recording Fees

Letter Demanding Lien Removal – $400

Consultation with Attorney to discuss law and issues

Review Lien filing and related information

Draft letter demanding lien removal


Drafting – $750

Consultation with Attorney to discuss issues related to contract

Review existing contract

Draft Contract, Revise based on client input

Provide final contract template

Contract Review – $500

Attorney review of contract (up to 10 pages)

Consultation with Attorney to discuss contract and issues identified

Attorney letter with suggested options and revisions